One just wasn't enough

so then there were three

And what a wonderful three they be...

Smokey 'aka" Smoke Stack

Howdieeee I'm Smokey! I am about 2-3 years old and am well on my well on my way to be being the king of the block, Town, State, World. Ok so I think BIG! I am a Tri-Colored Basset, mostly black and white but there is some brown mixed in there. We are not sure when my birthday is so Mom decided that I have a Gotcha Day Instead. My Gotcah Day is Jan 29. Great day for a Gotcha Day don't ya think? I live in Summerville SC with my Big family. A Mom and a Dad, 2 two legged brothers, 3 two legged sisters, and two basset brothers. Oh and there is a couple of cats. I have a couple angels named Rebecca and Terri and that rescued me from a yucky shelter in TN. I was sick and they cared for me and got me all better in NC. Then we went on another trip and I came to live here. I do believe that I have found my forever home.

Well that is me.... Taking a brake, but only for a minute... Us bassets have lots to do. I am the ring leader around here and have to keep my brothers from getting to lazy. We run and play and hunt for good smellin stuff like a true basset should ...follow their nose.

My Hobbies

I Love my bones. See up there... that is me teaching that bone a lesson. Believe me that bone knew it had been put in it's place when I got done with it. Also, playing with Jefferson and the kids. Best of all my Dad is my bestest play thing. We play and roll around in the floor every night and have so much fun. Mom says we act like a bunch of wild beast... have no idea what she means by that.

Closing Statement

Please consider a rescue if you are looking for a new pet. And take the time to really really think about it. We are not toys that can be put in the back of the shed when tired of ... or tied out in the yard either. Get your facts... If it seems like I am a little harsh here.. well I am. I almost lost my life and was really sick.. I am not a disposible item I have a life and I am important.. Just ask my Mom.

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