One just wasn't enough

so then there were three

And what a wonderful three they be...

Jefferson the Lone Barker

So I make alot of noise, that is how I got my nickname. I am really just Jefferson about 2- 3 years old . I was rescued from a Shelter in GA. And now I live here with the rest of the gang. I belong to Sammi. Also known as Samantha, who is 7 years old. I just kind of picked her as my favorite person when I came to live here. She is the best let me tell you. I was lucky cause I was really healthy when I got here unlike my brothers. All I needed were my shots and lots of love... What Luck uh?? My Gotcha Day is Dec. 15. That is the day I came to live here with my forever family.

Ok Ok so I am not ALLLLL BASSET... whats that got to do with anything?? I got the best of several breeds. See I have that hound nose and beagle speed. Put the two together and ya end up with me. So I like to bark alot well.... ALOT!! But that is good. I let my family know when there is a critter around and no one I mean no one can come in my yard without me knowing it and everyone else, too.

My Hobbies

I Love to bark and bark and bark and bark and bark. Run and run and run and run, it isbetter when someone is running with me. I bark at anything and everything that moves, nothing gets by me. I also love to get belly runs and have a nice nap in someones lap.. what could be better?

Closing Statement

Every consider a mixed breed dog. No?? well you just do not know what you missing. Did you know that mixed breeds generaly live longer then pure breed dogs. We often times have less medical problems. Interesting info ain't it. Well if you do the shelters are full of mixed breeds and there is a never ending supply. Sad as it is. Please spay and neuter your pets.

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