One just wasn't enough

so then there were three

And what a wonderful three they be...

The Basset Hound

A true friend for life.

Originally from France, the "Basset" (derived from the French words meaning "low-set") was bred for hunting small game. Their long ears stir up and hold scents for their strong nose to smell. The folds of skin under the chin, as well as the wrinkles around their head and face, help trap and hold the scent. Basset Hound's large feet make them steady and heavy bones make them sturdy. Their short legs are ideal for slow trailing which allows hunters to follow on foot.

Basset Hounds are a tolerant, loyal and affectionate breed. They can be stubborn at times but get along well with other pets of various species.

The male Basset Hound at maturity usually weighs between 55 and 75 pounds, and stands 12-, to not more than 15-inches tall at the shoulder. The female is usually about 10 pounds lighter and 1-inch or so shorter than the male.

Basset Hounds have gentle dispositions. They were bred to be pack dogs and to get along with each other. This makes the male as friendly, mild, and easy to live with as the female.


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