Can they do it??

Tracker, Smokey and Jefferson are getting ready to Waddle at the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Waddle on Dec. 8th in Charleston SC. They are asking for Pledges that benefit CBHR.

So what do you think... can they the laid back Basset Hounds walk the 10 city blocks and complete the waddle...

Jefferson 2-3 years old. Came from a shelter in Ga. Jefferson is a wonderful guy. He loves kids and is our 7 years old best friend.. if you see one you will always see the other. We were lucky that he was healthy and Heartworm Neg when he was rescued.

Tracker about 7-8 years old is now blind from Glucoma. He had surgery this past summer and is doing really well and ready to waddle. Tracker is a super sensitive guy that has had a hard life. He is now a spoiled and loved family pet.

Smokey came from a shelter in Tenn. He was very ill and spent a few months recovering. He is now healthy happy and living the life of a king. He is the most talkative dog I have ever known, much less had the pleasure of owning. He is a very goofy fellow. No matter how sad you day is.. he will make you laugh.

All three live together and are more like brothers then anything else. We are so happy to have them in our lives.

Please help Tracker, Smokey and Jefferson help other Basset Hounds that are in need. All three are rescues themselves and they know what it is like to be left at a shelter alone, scared and wondering what is going on. All of CBHR bassets are fully vetted, neutered and spayed, up to date on shots and match with a screened adoptive family. Each Basset has their fair share of medical bills so we waddle to help raise money for these cost... Can you help them help other hounds..


Donate to CBHR with a pledge for them to waddle the 10 blocks.. we know they can do it... after all they have good reason to want basset rescue to continue to rescue all the needy bassets out there...

Please help my basssets to help other less fortunate basset hounds by pledging any amount you would like for our bassets to complete the waddle.


Thanks for taking the time to read this page.. A Big Thank You!! From Tracker, Smokey and Jefferson

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